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Lowest Mortgage Rates in Utah

Are you buying your first or second home? Our home mortgage professionals will assist you in planning and financing your big purchase. We commit to helping you make the best decision, especially for your first mortgage. Stop shopping around for the best rates and let Community Lending Group lead you to successful home ownership.

Our Home Mortgage Programs

Our goal is to qualify you for the lowest mortgage rates in Utah and the best payment terms that will suit your financial situation and match your lifestyle needs. Once you find an ideal home, our task is to make sure you can pay off your mortgage and tax payments comfortably.

We proudly offer a Utah Housing Program for FHA or VA approved loan borrowers who are first-time homebuyers, to help them move into a home without paying a down payment or closing costs. If you can’t afford your dream home for the moment, you can buy the next best home and qualify for a renovation program.

Cooperative Marketing Programs

Through our Cooperative Marketing Programs, we can provide you with a reputable real estate agent in your area. The agent will assist you throughout the home buying process and help you understand specific terms of the transaction and finalize your purchase contract.

Price Your Loan

Since 2004, we have been striving to make mortgage and refinance applications fast and simple. With our online application system, you can price your loan by answering a questionnaire. Completing the online questionnaire will initiate your loan application process with us.

The results of the questionnaire will determine your chances of securing an online loan application. But no matter the result, we will get in touch with you so we could discuss all your options. Our mortgage experts commit to providing personalized service to make sure you qualify for the best program.

Home buying and refinancing have never been this fast and easy. Get in touch with a leading mortgage company in Utah today.