Cash-out Refinancing in Utah

Looking for a mortgage refinance in Salt Lake City? You’ve come to the right place. Community Lending Group will help refinance your existing mortgage if you’re having difficulty paying off the original loan. If you want to obtain a better interest term and rate, explore our refinance programs in Salt Lake City.


Should You Refinance?


If you’re overwhelmed with your current mortgage, it would be wise to get a new loan to refinance the old one. Although we have credit score requirements, you don’t need to have a perfect credit history to qualify for our refinance program, as long as you have equity on your home.

In fact, you can procure a loan at a much lower rate and better payment terms with a cash-out refinance in Salt Lake City.

As a company built on the foundation of honesty and integrity, our team of mortgage experts will make sure that you can get a beneficial deal. A reduced interest rate on your mortgage will give you some space to breathe and deal with your other expenses, and enjoy life’s little extras.

Refinancing becomes a wise option for when you want to adjust your loan term. If you have a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, for example, we could shorten your mortgage term with minimal adjustments to your monthly payment. Refinancing may also help you build equity faster and focus on your other financial needs.


Why Choose Community Lending Group


Community Lending Group and its team of mortgage professionals will help you make informed decisions on refinancing. By opting for a cash-out refinance in Utah, you can expect the following:

  • Budget-friendly mortgage programs – Offering the best refinance programs in Utah, we hope to get you back on track with your finances so you don’t end up putting all your money into your home. Our team will provide you with the breakdown of the costs associated with a loan including the processing, filing, and closing fees so you can avoid any unexpected surprises.
  • Superior customer services – We are committed to providing clients with the attention and education that they deserve. Our mortgage experts will discuss our refinance options with you thoroughly and figure out a way to ease your financial woes. We are glad to answer all your questions to ensure a smooth and easy mortgage application process. That way, you can count on having the right loan ready in time for your closing. Ultimately, we will see that you can make financially sound decisions.

Leave refinancing to the experts. Get in touch with Community Lending Group today.